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    Get up to date on regulatory frameworks, rules and reforms, such as the EECC Track and compare fibre network rollout, co-investment, and national broadband policy across the globe Stay informed on advances in mobile connectivity and the implications for radio spectrum policy and assignment
    The latest intelligence on duct sharing, unbundled access and VULA, broadband pricing rules, and more Compare how mobile operators share mobile infrastructure and how this is regulated, and understand the risks and opportunities for MVNOs Track and compare fixed and mobile call termination rates and regulation across the globe
    Follow developments in international roaming regulation, including Roam Like at Home in the EU Follow the debate on zero rating, as well as national policy and NRA powers to enforce net neutrality

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Consumer protection is a major focus in telecoms regulation. Subscribe to our standalone consumer protection intelligence service, and you’ll have direct access to all our expertise on this area. Our reliable, easy-to-understand reports and country-by-country comparisons cover topics such as:

  • Net neutrality and zero rating
  • Quality of service indicators
  • Switching and portability
  • Transparency

latest intelligence

5G deployment: stakeholders discuss what it takes to lead in industrial transformation
07 December 23 Jacek Kowalski

Telecoms operators see facilitation of market consolidation as the main path to boost necessary network investments.

Saudi Arabia regulates digital content platforms
27 November 23 Ali Hayajneh

Saudi Arabia adopted a new regulation for digital platforms providing audiovisual, audio, gaming, social media and advertising content services. The regulation focuses on the conditions and process required before firms can enter the market. There is no specific requirement on the content responsibility of platforms. The new regulation will come into force by October 2024.

Explainer: Three-criteria test
24 November 23 Monika Kačeriaková

A note explaining the three-criteria test and its use for the definition of relevant markets susceptible to telecoms ex ante regulation.

ComReg proposes to define a separate physical infrastructure access market
23 November 23 Monika Kačeriaková

The Irish telecoms regulator proposes to designate Eircom as having significant market power and impose a full set of remedies, including price caps.

Brazilian regulator consults on market analysis review
16 November 23 Pedro Miranda

The Brazilian telecoms regulator, Anatel, is consulting until 8 January 2024 on the review of the market analysis in place since 2018. Anatel proposes to define two new relevant markets for spectrum lease and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) access and deregulate the existing market for wholesale access to fixed copper networks. Many provisions in the proposed analysis would benefit small operators not controlled by the incumbent telecoms and broadcasting operators.

Brazilian regulator conditionally approves Vivo’s lease of Winity’s 700 MHz spectrum
14 November 23 Pedro Miranda

The Brazilian telecoms regulator, Anatel, approved Vivo’s agreement to lease Winity’s 700 MHz spectrum in 1,120 cities, subject to conditions. Amongst these conditions, Winity must give other operators (including Claro and TIM) the possibility to lease the spectrum on non-discriminatory terms according to a procedure defined by Anatel. The agreement also includes provisions for network sharing.

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