Competition in the communications sector is complex and fast-changing. This presents both risks and opportunities to providers, as well as challenges for public authorities.

Our competition intelligence services help organisations understand the changing face of competition. We help them grasp the commercial and policy implications of new developments, and make decisions with efficiency and confidence.

Offered on a subscription basis, the service includes alerts, reports, and a database of case summaries written in English. You can also contact our competition law experts at any time for answers to specific questions.

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antitrust & mergers

Our Antitrust & Mergers service makes it simple to follow key trends in competition law and its enforcement. Covering the telecoms, media and postal sectors, as well as the digital economy, our intelligence helps leaders:

    • Stay informed on developments in abuse of dominance cases, covering infringements such as excessive pricing, predatory pricing, margin squeeze, self-preferencing, and tying and bundling.
    • Access data on the actions taken across the EU to address potentially anti-competitive agreements, such as network co-investment and sharing, and online sales restrictions in distribution agreements.
    • Track merger control cases to understand the wider implications of market consolidation for competition in Europe.

state aid & subsidies

Our State Aid & Subsidies service offers intelligence on EU rules designed to ensure that public support measures in telecoms and the digital economy do not unduly distort competition and private investment. The principal focus of the service lies in the application of state aid rules to subsidised broadband deployment and take-up measures.

Subscribe to our State Aid & Subsidies intelligence service to:

    • understand the allowances and limits of public funding for broadband under EU state aid rules
    • follow the enforcement of these rules in relation tother developments, such as unfair advantages in spectrum auctions and big tech taxation
    • gain insights into key EU funding initiatives in telecoms and the digital economy, such as the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
    • understand the implications of the EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR)


Latest Antitrust & Mergers intelligence

Microsoft/Inflection AI (pending case)
17 July 24 Miklós Kozma

Update: The UK Competition and Markets Authority launched a formal merger inquiry into Microsoft’s hiring of certain former employees of Inflection AI and its entry into associated arrangements with the company. The authority has until 11 September 2024 to decide whether to refer the case for an in-depth phase II merger control investigation.

Bouygues Telecom/La Poste Telecom merger (pending case)
16 July 24 Miklós Kozma

The French competition authority is consulting until 2 August 2024 on Bouygues Telecom’s proposed acquisition of La Poste Telecom, a mobile virtual network operator controlled by France’s postal incumbent.

Apple Pay alleged abuse of dominance 2024
14 July 24 Miklós Kozma

Update: The European Commission accepted Apple’s commitments to allow third-party developers of mobile wallets to access near-field communication (NFC) technology on iPhones. The decision closes the Commission’s antitrust investigation against Apple for an alleged abuse of dominance in the market for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Latest State Aid & Subsidies intelligence

Deployment of very high-capacity networks in the Czech Republic 2024
14 July 24 Janne Kalliala

The Czech authorities reported to the European Commission a CZK 4bn (€160m) state aid measure to support the deployment of fixed very high-capacity access networks (VHCN) and fibre backhaul networks in underserved areas of the Czech Republic. The call for tender will be open from 1 August to 31 October 2024.

Deployment of very high-capacity networks in Belgium 2024
23 June 24 Janne Kalliala

The Belgian authorities reported to the European Commission a €27.5m state aid measure to support the deployment of fixed very high-capacity access networks (VHCN) in underserved areas of Belgium. Subsidised contracts were already awarded to Voo in March 2024. Belgium did not need to notify the scheme to the Commission for prior approval because it falls under the EU General Block Exemption Regulation.

e&/PPF Telecom Group possible distortive foreign subsidies (pending case)
17 June 24 Miklós Kozma

The European Commission has until 15 October 2024 to investigate under the EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation whether the acquirer, e& (formerly known as Etisalat), received subsidies from the United Arab Emirates that could distort competition in the EU internal market. The target, PPF Telecom Group, comprises several telecoms operators in eastern Europe.

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