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As telecoms, media, the digital economy and world politics converge, it's essential for organisations to have a global perspective on the wide-ranging trends shaping the future of the communications sector.

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Drawing together on-the-ground expertise from key markets around the world, it provides a unique, high-level view of the latest developments and their implications for decision makers across industry, government and regulators.

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Platforms, digital services and content

Understand the complex and shifting roles of online platforms and services in debates around global economics, trade and regulation.

  • Digital payments
  • Market power of online platforms
  • Over-the-top voice and messaging platforms
  • Social media regulation

Stay on top of the latest developments in 5G and full-fibre coverage worldwide, as well as the wider relationship between global tech trends and internet connectivity.

  • 5G
  • Full fibre networks
  • Next generation satellites
  • Open radio access networks (open RAN)
Data economy

Follow the debate around privacy, data flows and artificial intelligence, and understand how new developments impact the global data economy.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data flows
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Privacy in the digital age

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12 key markets covered in-depth across 5 continents

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latest intelligence

New termination rates in Ethiopia from 1 May 2024
19 April 24 Elena Scaramuzzi

Ethiopia is moving forward in regulating the telecommunications sector, following the end of Ethio Telecom’s monopoly and the start of operations of Safaricom Ethiopia in 2022. The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) published the results of its first round of market analyses in April 2024. It also established new voice call and SMS termination rates until 2029, based on a cost model. In South Africa the regulator has also recently been working on a new cost model to define cost-oriented termination rates, this Global Trends Flash observes.

New regulation in Indonesia will redefine business relations between digital platforms and domestic media companies
11 April 24 Javier Morales Fhon

From August 2024, digital platforms active in Indonesia must, amongst other obligations, pay domestic media companies for re-publishing or linking to their news content in the country. This Global Trends Flash summarises the rationale and scope of a new regulation, which parallels similar regulations and proposals from around the world to protect domestic journalism and the sustainability of local media industries.

Update on 5G spectrum auctions in Asia
09 April 24 Andre Moura Gomes

This Global Trends flash covers recent and upcoming 5G spectrum awards in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam

COMESA Competition Commission investigates tower lease agreement between ATC and Airtel Africa
20 March 24 Gilles Bana

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission (CCC) is investigating a tower lease agreement between American Tower Corporation (ATC) and Airtel Africa. The CCC is concerned the agreement may restrict competition in the tower market affecting trade between COMESA member states. This investigation is significant because it is the first example of a regional competition body examining a tower deal in Africa, this Global Trends Flash highlights.

Canada proposes new guidance for biometric data processing
23 February 24 Jose Jehuda Garcia

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada closed consultations on draft guidelines for the lawful handling of biometric information by both private sector and government entities in Canada. This Global Trends Flash explains the rationale and content of these draft guidelines. It also notes that several other governments around the world have recently been addressing the need to better protect biometric data.

Quantum-related policy trends in the EU
07 February 24 Elena Scaramuzzi

At end of its term, in December 2023, the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU launched a Quantum Declaration, calling on member states to “making Europe the quantum valley of the world.” A few weeks later, the European Commission announced new initiatives aimed at strengthening the EU's economic security in key technology areas, including, amongst others, quantum technology. This Global Trends Flash provides an update of recent quantum-related policy initiatives currently implemented or under debate in the EU.

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