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Get an independent, global perspective on regulation affecting the development of the digital economy with Cullen International. Our intelligence is trusted by global tech companies, regulators and governments to provide them with expert insight on topics relevant to the development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).
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    Get concise, easy-to-understand updates on the EU's digital single market strategy. A single source of alerts and reports on EU data protection and e-privacy rules, and other data protection regimes worldwide. Get in-depth, impartial intelligence on topics like the EU-US Privacy Shield and the EU rules on the free flow of data, their context and implications.
    Track regulators’ responses to cyber risks with updates on the implementation of the EU cybersecurity rules and other topics. Coverage of regulatory developments (e.g. on access to data, liability) impacting new technologies such as AI and IoT services. Follow national and European rules on the taxation of digital businesses, and on the relationship between online platforms and users (business users and consumers).
    Follow the latest developments in consumer protection around digital content, products and services. Monitor EU and national initiatives on the taxation of digital businesses Get an overview of regulation that seeks to foster the development of e-Commerce in Europe

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EU Digital Economy Weekly Report
07 March 21 Javier Huerta Bravo

This week’s edition features a new ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU regarding access to electronic communications metadata by law enforcement authorities and an update on the European Commission’s plans for connected and automated mobility. It also lists events taking place this week.

Stakeholders discuss the future of connected and automated mobility in Europe
07 March 21 Stefano De Luca

Policy makers, car manufacturers and technology companies met virtually at the 6th annual Future of Transport conference on 2 March 2021 to discuss the issues related to the transition to greener and better-connected mobility. The stakeholders who participated in the event agreed on the importance of electric vehicles and of connected, multi-modal mobility in a European strategy for sustainable and smart mobility.

French government unveils its digital and environmental strategy
04 March 21 Marianna Mattera

Actions foreseen in the strategy include establishing an environmental barometer to monitor the environmental impact of digital services and infrastructure, environmental considerations in 5G spectrum allocation and targets to reduce energy consumption by data centres.

German government adopts draft law on highly automated driving
04 March 21 Javier Huerta Bravo

The draft law would allow highly automated vehicles to drive in regular operation in defined areas on public roads throughout Germany.

Colombia adopts guidelines for the development of blockchain projects by public entities
02 March 21 Carlos Castellanos

Colombian ICT Ministry (MinTIC) issued guidelines for the development of blockchain projects by public entities. The main purpose of the guidelines is to help public entities to identify and implement simple use blockchain cases against the backdrop of Colombia´s digital transformation.

Slovak government adopts amendments to the national cybersecurity act
01 March 21 Monika Kačeriaková

The Slovak government adopted on 24 February 2021 the amendments to the national cybersecurity act. The new act provides for enhanced responsibilities for the national security authority (NBÚ), including the capacity to ban or restrict specific products, processes or services when used in essential services.

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