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    Get concise, easy-to-understand updates on the EU's digital policy, as well as the main policy and regulatory developments in the Americas. A single source of alerts and reports on data protection and privacy rules in the EU and the Americas, and initiatives on international transfers of personal data. Policy and regulatory initiatives shaping the data economy in Europe.
    Track regulators’ responses to cyber risks with updates on the implementation of the EU cybersecurity rules as well as specific cybersecurity strategies in the Americas. Coverage of regulatory developments impacting technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT. Follow initiatives specifically targeting digital platforms.
    Follow the latest developments in consumer protection around digital content, products and services. Get an overview of regulation that seeks to foster the development of e-Commerce in Europe and the Americas.

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Colombia issues open banking regulation
12 August 22 Catalina Diaz Granados

The decree allows the processing and commercialisation of financial customers' personal data with the prior and express authorisation of the data owner, and introduces payment initiation services.

Personal data that indirectly disclose sexual orientation are sensitive data under EU General Data Protection Regulation, EU top court confirms
11 August 22 Sebastian Naste

In a decision delivered on 1 August 2022, the Court of Justice of the EU found that the processing of personal data which can disclose the sexual orientation of an individual constitutes processing of sensitive data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Italian data protection authority bans TikTok from personalising ads based on legitimate interest
01 August 22 Marianna Mattera

The Italian data protection authority ordered TikTok not to rely on the legitimate interest basis when using personal data stored in users’ devices for profiling and personalising advertising. The Garante’s decision found that the change in the legal basis violated the e-Privacy Directive as well as the Italian personal data protection law.

Digital Decade Policy Programme reformulates 2030 EU broadband targets
28 July 22 Martin Schraa

European Parliament and the Council agreed on more elaborate broadband connectivity targets as part of the 2030 Digital Decade Policy Programme (DDPP). A non-binding recital refers to the question of whether and how over-the-top players (OTTs) should contribute to telecoms infrastructure to achieve the 2030 broadband connectivity targets.

Digital Markets Act in detail (III): obligations
27 July 22 Javier Huerta Bravo

This third report on the final text of the Digital Markets Act goes through the list of 22 obligations for gatekeepers, some of which must be implemented directly whereas others are susceptible to further specifications. It also explains how the European Commission can update the list to address new practices that are unfair or limit the contestability of platform markets.

EU Digital Markets Act adopted
18 July 22 Javier Huerta Bravo

The Council of the EU endorsed on 18 July 2022 its provisional agreement with the European Parliament on the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA will possibly enter into application in 1Q 2023, and undertakings designated as gatekeepers might have to comply with the DMA obligations before the end of 2023.

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