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Get an independent, global perspective on regulation affecting the development of the digital economy with Cullen International. Our intelligence is trusted by global tech companies, regulators and governments to provide them with expert insight on topics such as privacy and cybersecurity.
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    Get concise, easy-to-understand updates on the EU's digital single market strategy. Track regulators' responses to cyber risks with updates on the implementation of the EU cybersecurity rules and other topics. Get a global perspective on efforts to modernise copyright law for the digital age.
    A single source of alerts and reports on EU data protection and e-privacy rules, and other data protection regimes worldwide. Coverage of regulatory developments impacting cloud and IoT services. Follow the latest developments in consumer protection around digital content, products and services.
    Get in-depth, impartial intelligence on topics like the EU-US Privacy Shield and the EU rules on the free flow of data, their context and implications. Follow regulatory developments at EU and national level targeting online platforms and OTTs.

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latest intelligence

Google receives record €4.34bn fine from European Commission for leveraging its Android operating system
18 July 18 Miklós Kozma

The Commission found that Google abused its dominance by engaging in three types of abusive practices as part of an overall strategy to cement the dominance of the Google Search engine.

EU Weekly Report
15 July 18 Javier Huerta Bravo

This report recaps EU regulatory developments affecting the digital economy last week and lists the events taking place this week.

Content Portability Regulation: European Commission warns regulators of inappropriate practices by service providers
13 July 18 Jerome Dheur

Two months after its entry into force (1 April 2018), the Commission sent a letter to national regulators to draw their attention on some practices by European service providers which could be contrary to the regulation, and deprive consumers from the benefits of content portability.

Brazil’s Senate approves privacy bill agreed by the House of Representatives
12 July 18 Ana Carolina da Motta

A new bill on the protection of privacy and personal data will be adopted, subject to the possible sanction or veto of Brazil’s President. The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on 29 May 2018 and by the Senate on 10 July 2018. If adopted, the law would enter into force 18 months after its publication.

European Parliament lead committee wants mandatory cybersecurity certification for critical infrastructures
11 July 18 Javier Huerta Bravo

Parliament lead committee wants the use of cybersecurity certification schemes to be mandatory for operators of essential services (including energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, health, and digital infrastructures, such as internet exchange points).

EU Weekly Report
08 July 18 Javier Huerta Bravo

This report recaps EU regulatory developments affecting the digital economy last week and lists the events taking place this week.

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