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    Get concise, easy-to-understand updates on the EU's digital policy, as well as the main policy and regulatory developments in the Americas. A single source of alerts and reports on data protection and privacy rules in the EU and the Americas, and initiatives on international transfers of personal data. Policy and regulatory initiatives shaping the data economy in Europe.
    Track regulators’ responses to cyber risks with updates on the implementation of the EU cybersecurity rules as well as specific cybersecurity strategies in the Americas. Coverage of regulatory developments impacting technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT. Follow initiatives specifically targeting digital platforms.
    Follow the latest developments in consumer protection around digital content, products and services. Get an overview of regulation that seeks to foster the development of e-Commerce in Europe and the Americas.

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UK data protection reform: is the EU adequacy decision for the UK put at risk?
04 June 23 Miljana Todorovic

This flash examines contrasting perspectives on the potential impact of the ongoing reform of the UK data protection regime on the EU adequacy decision for the UK, which is the legal basis for the free flow of personal data. Unlike members of the European Parliament, UK Information Commissioner John Edwards expressed confidence that the UK will uphold the same level of data protection.

EU-US Trade and Technology Council places emphasis on generative AI and agrees on key terminology
04 June 23 Elisar Bashir

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems (such as ChatGPT) were explicitly included within the scope of the joint roadmap on AI, already announced in December 2022. In addition, the EU-US Trade and Technology Council issued a preliminary list with 65 terms essential to understanding risk-based approaches to AI, which would be further consulted with stakeholders.

EU's top court clarifies that under the GDPR’s right of access data subjects must receive a “faithful and intelligible reproduction” of their data
01 June 23 Marianna Mattera

The Court of Justice of the EU ruled that the right to obtain a “copy” of personal data means that data subjects must be provided with a “faithful and intelligible reproduction” of all their personal data. Providing a mere summary of the data that a data controller has in its possession is not sufficient.

Securing 5G and subsea communication cables at the centre of EU cybersecurity agency forum on telecoms and digital infrastructure security
01 June 23 Visiola Pula

The forum provided an update of the candidate EU 5G cybersecurity certification scheme and it launched ENISA’s 5G security controls matrix. Further, the forum also touched upon security concerns of telecoms operators in relation to supply chain and cyber threat intelligence.

Update on state of play of EU cybersecurity certification schemes
31 May 23 Javier Huerta Bravo

At a conference organised by the EU cybersecurity agency, ENISA, stakeholders noted the increasing role that cybersecurity and cybersecurity certification play in recent EU digital regulation.

EU Digital Economy Weekly Report
28 May 23 Elisar Bashir

This week’s edition features stories about the record fine on Meta imposed by the Irish data protection authority following a binding decision by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB); a new EDPB chair elected for a five-year term; new EDPB guidelines on the right of access to personal data; as well as a conference on EU consumer protection rules. It also lists events taking place this week.

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