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The postal sector is changing fast. As the traditional market enters a steep decline, e-commerce is driving rapid and unprecedented growth in parcel delivery - all of which has an impact on the way the sector is regulated.

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general topics covered

Universal service obligations

Use our Postal service to stay informed on the steps taken by regulators to maintain the sustainability of the universal service despite the decline in traditional postal volumes. Track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate new rules and reforms on an EU level. Topics covered include :

  • The Postal Services Directive
  • Universal service scope and changes
  • Price caps
  • Funding

E-commerce has led to rapid growth in the parcel sector, driving providers to innovate and diversify to rise to new challenges and meet changing consumer expectations. As national and EU-level regulation enters the picture, our intelligence services provide an essential independent resource on this transformative trend. Topics covered include:

  • Horizontal consumer protection rules
  • New postal sector rules on parcel delivery
  • Alternative means of delivery
  • VAT and customs

latest intelligence

ARCEP consults on new full cost accounting system for La Poste's universal service
20 April 22 Virginie Alloo

ARCEP is consulting until 6 May 2022 on the establishment of a full cost accounting system in relation to La Poste's universal service. The draft decision also includes the modification of accounting rules to include the financial compensation of the universal service by the State.

Commission approves state aid to compensate Poczta Polska for COVID-19 damages
31 March 22 Monika Kačeriaková

The European Commission approved state aid for Poczta Polska to compensate for the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More could be done to reduce the environmental impact of e-commerce deliveries
30 March 22 Peter Dunn

Further steps could be taken to reduce the environmental impact of e-commerce delivery. While the delivery sector is on course to improve significantly its environmental performance, mainly from the electrification of delivery vehicles, it could do more in the future. Consultants for the European Commission presented these findings at an online public workshop on 30 March 2022. Other consultants outlined their data collection methodology for the study on the main developments in the postal sector.

BIPT consults on draft law to strengthen labour conditions for parcel delivery in Belgium
17 March 22 Virginie Alloo

The Belgian government intends to amend the postal law to limit the degree to which large parcels providers could rely upon self-employed workers or subcontracters to deliver parcels. BIPT, the Belgian regulator, is consulting until 6 April 2022 on how to implement this new obligation, and to prevent fraud and social dumping in the e-commerce sector.

How EU regulation shaped the European postal market
08 March 22 Armen Ghalumyan

EU regulation has had a prominent role in the development of the European postal market in the past twenty-five years. In particular, a series of step changes pursued the main goals of liberalisation and customer protection (by means of the definition of a postal universal service).

BIPT consults on standards for parcel boxes used for home delivery
23 February 22 Virginie Alloo

The Belgian regulator BIPT is consulting until 21 March 2022 on introducing legal specification standards for parcel boxes for home delivery. Delivery to such boxes would not be compulsory for online shoppers or for postal operators.

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