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The postal sector is changing fast. As the traditional market enters a steep decline, e-commerce is driving rapid and unprecedented growth in parcel delivery delivery - all of which has an impact on the way the sector is regulated.

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general topics covered

Universal service obligations

Use our Postal service to stay informed on the steps taken by regulators to maintain the sustainability of the universal service despite the decline in traditional postal volumes. Track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate new rules and reforms on an EU level. Topics covered include :

  • The Postal Services Directive
  • Universal service scope and changes
  • Price caps
  • Funding

E-commerce has led to rapid growth in the parcel sector, driving providers to innovate and diversify to rise to new challenges and meet changing consumer expectations. As national and EU-level regulation enters the picture, our intelligence services provide an essential independent resource on this transformative trend. Topics covered include:

  • Horizontal consumer protection rules
  • New postal sector rules on parcel delivery
  • Alternative means of delivery
  • VAT and customs

latest intelligence

Decline in French mail revenue continues but slows, despite increases for parcels and packets
23 October 18 Virginie Alloo

The French regulator, ARCEP, reported a continuing decline in mail volumes in the French market. Only standard parcels and small packets showed an upward trend in volumes and revenues.

Postal universal service is dead, long live the postal universal service!
26 September 18 Virginie Alloo

The postal universal service should be redefined in the light of changing user needs and of national differences. Adapting the UPU terminal dues system to take account of the increasing number of small packets coming from China or Asia has also become critical to ensure the sustainability of European postal operators. These are two of the main conclusions of a study on developments in the postal sector, commissioned by the European Commission.

ERGP committed to open discussions on the review of the postal regulatory framework
26 September 18 Virginie Alloo

Postal operators and regulators seem to agree on the a need for a new fit-for-purpose, and flexible postal regulatory framework. Changes are required to ensure a fair level playing field for all postal and parcel delivery operators, and to reflect the new needs of European consumers. The discussions took place in the first ERGP stakeholder forum on 20 September.

US threatens unilateral action if UPU fails to agree reform of terminal dues system
06 September 18 Peter Dunn

Donald Trump has directed the US State Department to negotiate higher terminal dues rates for the United States Postal Service, threatening that the US could seek to implement unilateral increases if negotiations at the UPU's extraordinary congress in Ethiopia fail to deliver the desired results.

Ofcom fines Royal Mail £50m for access pricing discrimination
14 August 18 Miklós Kozma

Royal Mail abused its dominant position in bulk mail delivery by discriminating against its wholesale customers that sought to compete with it in this market.

Correos missed the quality of service targets in 2017
13 August 18 Armen Ghalumyan

Correos, the Spanish postal universal service provider (USP) failed to meet its quality transit times for letter and parcel delivery in 2017. CNMC, the national regulator, published its annual report on quality indicators in the universal postal service. CNMC demanded that Correos should immediately act to ensure compliance with the delivery standards, especially for parcels up to 20kg.

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