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The postal sector is changing fast. As the traditional market enters a steep decline, e-commerce is driving rapid and unprecedented growth in parcel delivery - all of which has an impact on the way the sector is regulated.

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general topics covered

Universal service obligations

Use our Postal service to stay informed on the steps taken by regulators to maintain the sustainability of the universal service despite the decline in traditional postal volumes. Track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate new rules and reforms on an EU level. Topics covered include :

  • The Postal Services Directive
  • Universal service scope and changes
  • Price caps
  • Funding

E-commerce has led to rapid growth in the parcel sector, driving providers to innovate and diversify to rise to new challenges and meet changing consumer expectations. As national and EU-level regulation enters the picture, our intelligence services provide an essential independent resource on this transformative trend. Topics covered include:

  • Horizontal consumer protection rules
  • New postal sector rules on parcel delivery
  • Alternative means of delivery
  • VAT and customs

latest intelligence

Correos fined for failing to meet USO quality target
03 September 20 Carmen Mateas

The Spanish postal regulator, CNMC, fined Correos €160,000 for failing to meet the quality target for its Blue Parcel service (Paquete Azul) from 2014 to 2018. The blue parcel service includes domestic parcels up to 20kg and is included in the scope of Correos' universal service obligation.

EU Timeline
03 September 20 Elisar Bashir

This edition of Cullen International’s EU Timeline highlights key regulatory developments foreseen at EU level until the end of 2020.

ARCEP approves increases in La Poste's USO tariffs and the promotion of the online letter service
02 September 20 Virginie Alloo

The French regulator, ARCEP, approved the increase proposed by La Poste for the level of tariffs for universal mail and parcel services in 2021. La Poste proposed prices increases for a range of services, including an average 5% rise for universal services, which is the annual rate of increase allowed by ARCEP. The NRA also validated La Poste's proposal to promote its online letter service.

Posti plans to combine the delivery of newspapers and letter mail
19 August 20 Armen Ghalumyan

The Finnish USP Posti is planning in certain areas to combine its early morning newspaper distribution with letter mail to reduce the number of daily deliveries to one. The main reason for the measure is the continuing sharp reduction in letter volumes, coupled with Posti’s commitment to environmental sustainability targets. A survey recently commissioned by the USP found that 66% of interviewed households are in favour of the approach. Posti will start with the shared delivery of letters and newspapers in four localities of the country.

Portugal: no justification to increase international prices despite higher terminal dues
04 August 20 Peter Dunn

ANACOM, the Portuguese postal regulator, decided on 23 July 2020 not to approve revised prices for international universal postal services. In particular, the regulator ruled that changes to international terminal dues rates, including those arising following the UPU's Extraordinary Congress in 2019, did not justify diverging from the existing 1.41% cap on any annual increase in CTT's prices in 2020.

Italian regulator defines physical letters markets, distinct from digital
31 July 20 Peter Dunn

AGCOM, the Italian postal regulator, is consulting until 25 September 2020 on its market definition conclusions in the first stage of reviewing the national letters market. In particular, AGCOM decided that the physical letters market was distinct from the digital market for correspondence and communication. Postal markets must contain at least one physical element. AGCOM also defined both universal services and non-universal services in the same market.

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