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Have the latest regulatory intelligence at your fingertips with our annual subscription service.

Our alerts, analysis and benchmarks are trusted by industry, government and regulators to provide an independent, expert view of new and historical trends across the communications sector.

A subscription gives you and your team access to a range of online resources, as well as email alerts based on user preferences. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask for assistance and answers to your questions at any time, and at no extra cost.

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Keep up to date with the latest developments in national and international regulation with our regular news alerts - accessible online and delivered directly to your inbox.

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Access a unique library of reports, summaries, in-depth analysis and source documents that cover more than three decades of communications sector regulation, from 1986 to the present day.


Compare and contrast regulatory trends, models and legislation across more than 70 countries with our apps, benchmarks and databases.

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An annual subscription to our regulatory intelligence service also gives you access to our team of experts. If you ever need additional research on a topic or just want to ask a question, we’re here to help.
We don’t charge extra for providing support, so you’re free to rely on us as an extension of your team.

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Find what you need from a constantly updated library of alerts, reports and analysis, as well as over three decades’ worth of source documents.


Browse our library and speak to our team to discover straightforward and succinct answers to your questions.

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Access our intelligence online through our website, or get updates on the latest developments delivered directly to your inbox.


Customize your email alerts and bookmark your favourite resources to suit your information needs and preferred workflow.


Save, print and export resources from our library for easy access, and to use in your own reports and analysis.

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A single subscription can be used by an unlimited number of users, all with their own access privileges and alert preferences.

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