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Get in-depth knowledge on the latest developments in radio spectrum with our dedicated Radio Spectrum intelligence services. Complementing our main Telecoms services, this is a unique database of reports and data on spectrum assignments, licence conditions, auction design and spectrum regulation, forming an essential independent resource for regulators, operators and manufacturers

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    Track and compare mobile spectrum allocation at national level Access to a database on periodic and one-off spectrum fees Stay informed on current rules and limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) Stay briefed on existing and new obligations associated with spectrum rights
    Keep up to date on forthcoming spectrum awards with summary reports and a detailed database on award results and assignments Keep informed on advances in mobile connectivity, and the implications for radio spectrum and infrastructure deployment policies Track and compare regulation for spectrum trading and sharing, and follow the main agreements
    Compare licence conditions set by different governments Track and compare temporary and permanent spectrum caps Follow the main rules applying to satellite and internet of things service providers, as well as the related spectrum assignments

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latest intelligence

Claro, Tigo and Novator Partners are the winners of the multi-band spectrum auction in Colombia
13 January 20 Carlos Castellanos

Claro and Novator Partners added frequencies in the 700 MHz band and the 2.5 GHz band. Tigo obtained 2x20 MHz in the 700 MHz band. The Colombian Government said that it raised more than COP 5bn (US$1.54m) but Novator Partners filed a request to waive one of the acquired blocks, due to an “inconsistency”. If the ministry accepts this request, it would have an important impact on the total price raised. Telefonica participated in the auction, but it did not acquire any spectrum in the Colombian multi-band auction arguing the high prices offered by the other bidders during the auction.

El Salvador awards 2x45 MHz in AWS band
17 December 19 Carolina Limbatto

The Salvadorian regulator, Siget, awarded to Claro and Tigo 2x45 MHz of spectrum in the AWS band. Siget raised US$ 62.7m during the award.

Uruguay awards 120 MHz and raises US$65.4m in multiband spectrum auction
17 December 19 Carolina Limbatto

Uruguay’s regulator, Ursec, raised US$65.4m in the award of 120 MHz of spectrum in the 1800 MHz, AWS and 2.6 GHz bands. Licences have national scope and a 25-year term.

Austria auctions 700 MHz, 1500 MHz and 2.1 GHz bands for 5G
13 December 19 Dieter Kronegger

Austrian regulator TKK launched the auction of 270 MHz in three bands and invited operators to submit applications by 26 February 2020. The innovative auction design foresees comprehensive coverage obligations and a bonus stage where the bidders may commit to additional coverage obligations in exchange for a price discount.

Argentina publishes results of spectrum plan consultation
11 December 19 Carolina Limbatto

Setic published the results of the spectrum plan consultation, including stakeholders’ positions, recommendations per spectrum band and recommendations for a 5G plan. The new Argentinian government would decide on the final plan and the specific timing for the awards.

Colombia publishes the 5G plan and announces 5G pilots
10 December 19 Carlos Castellanos

The Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (Mintic) published its 5G plan. The MinTIC also said that the spectrum for the 5G pilots in bands above 3.3 GHz (3.3–3.7 GHz, 24.25–27.5 GHz, 37–43.5 GHz, 45.5–47 GHz and 47.2–48.2 GHz) will be assigned in 1Q 2020, when the pilots will start in some regions of the country. Interested parties have time until 14 January 2020 to participate in the call. In 3Q 2021 the 3.4–3.6 GHz band will be awarded.

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