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Get in-depth knowledge on the latest developments in radio spectrum with our dedicated Radio Spectrum intelligence services. Complementing our main Telecoms services, this is a unique database of reports and data on spectrum assignments, licence conditions, auction design and spectrum regulation, forming an essential independent resource for regulators, operators and manufacturers

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    Track and compare mobile spectrum allocation at national level Access to a database on periodic and one-off spectrum fees Stay informed on current rules and limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)
    Keep up to date on forthcoming spectrum awards with summary reports and a detailed database on award results and assignments Keep informed on advances in mobile connectivity, and the implications for radio spectrum and infrastructure deployment policies Track and compare regulation for spectrum trading and sharing, and follow the main agreements
    Compare licence conditions set by different governments Track and compare temporary and permanent spectrum caps Stay briefed on existing and new obligations associated with spectrum rights

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latest intelligence

The US regulator proposes rules for satellites to use mobile terrestrial spectrum
24 March 23 Carolina Limbatto

The United States telecoms regulator, FCC, proposed a new rulemaking that would allow satellite operators to use mobile terrestrial spectrum. The proposal would allow satellite operators and mobile network operators (MNOs) to work together to deliver seamless end-user connectivity. The FCC also asks for comments on modification to its leasing rules.

Mexico changes its 2023 frequency band programme
06 March 23 Jose Jehuda Garcia

The Mexican telecommunications regulator, IFT, approved several changes to its 2023 frequency allocation plan (Annual Frequency Band Use Program, PABF), including new spectrum for commercial wireless services which is immediately available for either auction or direct assignment.

Mexico opens lower part of the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi
02 March 23 Carolina Limbatto

The Mexican telecoms regulator approved power limits and conditions for the unlicensed use of the 5925–6425 MHz frequency band (the lower 6 GHz band). The decision allows the use for low-power indoor and very-low-power applications.

Mexico consults on forthcoming spectrum award
02 March 23 Alexandra Contreras Flores

Mexican telecommunications regulator, IFT, is consulting, until 17 March 2023, on the conditions and proposals before the design of the tender rules for the forthcoming 5G spectrum auction. The auction is planned to be held in 2023. IFT announced that there are about 330 MHz of spectrum available to be awarded, including several bands low and mid–range bands.

FCC adopts new rules for the 4.9 GHz band
27 February 23 Carolina Limbatto

The United States telecoms regulator, FCC, adopted new rules for the 4.9 GHz band allowing its use for other services than public safety, including 5G services. The FCC introduced a new role of a band manager to coordinate the users of the band and is seeking comments on how to implement this new model.

Mexico: AT&T returns spectrum in the 1900 MHz band and joins Telcel in renewing licences
27 February 23 Jose Jehuda Garcia

Mexican wireless operator AT&T returned AWS spectrum to the state and joined competitor Telcel in renewing 850 MHz spectrum licences.

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