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Understand, track and monitor the changing face of media regulation with Cullen International. Derived from trusted sources, our expert analysis and benchmarks help organisations across Europe and the Americas stay informed on the latest developments and act with confidence in a fast-moving environment.

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general topics covered

(Social) media platforms

The rise of platforms and services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and Facebook has created a host of new challenges for regulators, government and industry. We help you stay informed on the latest developments, understand the context of different national and international reforms, and grasp their implications.

  • The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • Video sharing platforms
  • Pay TV platforms
  • Social media platforms
  • Music streaming websites
Public policy objectives

Get a global perspective on how public policy objectives are translated into regulation with our independent Media intelligence service. Understand the agenda, track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate change. Topics covered include:

  • Media pluralism
  • Fake news
  • Media literacy
  • Protecting minors
  • Must carry and findability
  • Public service broadcasting
  • Quotas
  • Impartiality
  • Subtitling, audio description, sign language
Funding the creative industries

A more diverse media landscape is driving new and more complex forms of funding and investment. We provide expert intelligence and insight on the regulatory opportunities, risk factors and barriers to growth for the content and communications industries and policy makers in the 21st century, covering topics such as:

  • Special taxes
  • Advertising, sponsorship, product placement
  • Copyright
Media distribution

Get access to structured information on rules on content acquisition and media distribution in different territories, as well as unbiased intelligence on the competition issues arising from premium content and exclusivity arrangements. Topics covered include:

  • Premium content
  • Sports rights
  • Media chronology

geographical coverage

Americas (Data sheet)
Europe (Data sheet)

We’re trusted across the globe for our wide-ranging expertise in media regulation. See our datasheets for more information on our services’ geographical coverage, including the full list of countries, organisations, and topics we report on.

latest intelligence

CBS Corporation and Viacom announce US$28bn merger
16 August 19 Laura Sboarina

The owner of the most watched TV broadcast network in the US, CBS Corporation, and its former parent company, Viacom (which owns, among other assets, Paramount Pictures studio), announced to have reached an agreement to merge into a new company to be named ViacomCBS.

European Commission seeks views on whether to extend the term of protection of the rights of performers and producers in the audiovisual sector
06 August 19 Michele Ledger

The European Commission opened a consultation on whether to extend the term of protection of the rights of performers and producers in the audiovisual sector from 50 years to 70 years.

EU court rules that member states may restrict how providers broadcast or retransmit a TV channel from another member state on public policy grounds
06 August 19 Laura Sboarina

The EU's top court has ruled that a media regulator is allowed to decide that audiovisual media services providers and distributors of TV channels (including over the Internet) are only allowed to broadcast or retransmit a TV channel licensed in another member state in their pay-to-view packages when this is necessary on public policy grounds.

Brazilian regulator addresses potential interference between 5G and satellite broadcasting services in the 3.5 GHz band
02 August 19 Andre Moura Gomes

The regulator concluded tests to address potential interference between 5G and broadcasting services in the 3.5 GHz band. The 5G auction including this band is expected to take place in March 2020.

Colombian ICT modernisation law enters into force
30 July 19 Carlos Castellanos

The President of Colombia signed the new law on modernisation and convergence of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The new law will create a converged regulator, aims to provide more legal certainty and improved conditions for new ICT investment across the country.

Pay TV subscriptions in Colombia grew 20% in the last five years
24 July 19 Carlos Castellanos

The Colombian pay TV market shows growth, as opposed to other countries in the Latin America region which have been hit by a widespread cord-cutting phenomenon. The total number of pay TV subscriptions in Colombia in 1Q 2019 reached 5.9m, corresponding to 72% of households.

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