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Understand, track and monitor the changing face of media regulation with Cullen International. Derived from trusted sources, our expert analysis and benchmarks help organisations across Europe and the Americas stay informed on the latest developments and act with confidence in a fast-moving environment.

general topics covered

(Social) media platforms

The rise of platforms and services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and Facebook has created a host of new challenges for regulators, government and industry. We help you stay informed on the latest developments, understand the context of different national and international reforms, and grasp their implications.

  • The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • Video sharing platforms
  • Pay TV platforms
  • Social media platforms
  • Music streaming websites
Public policy objectives

Get a global perspective on how public policy objectives are translated into regulation with our independent Media intelligence service. Understand the agenda, track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate change. Topics covered include:

  • Media pluralism
  • Fake news
  • Media literacy
  • Protecting minors
  • Must carry and findability
  • Public service broadcasting
  • Quotas
  • Impartiality
  • Subtitling, audio description, sign language
Funding the creative industries

A more diverse media landscape is driving new and more complex forms of funding and investment. We provide expert intelligence and insight on the regulatory opportunities, risk factors and barriers to growth for the content and communications industries and policy makers in the 21st century, covering topics such as:

  • Special taxes
  • Advertising, sponsorship, product placement
  • Copyright
Media distribution

Get access to structured information on rules on content acquisition and media distribution in different territories, as well as unbiased intelligence on the competition issues arising from premium content and exclusivity arrangements. Topics covered include:

  • Premium content
  • Sports rights
  • Media chronology

geographical coverage

Americas (Data sheet)
Europe (Data sheet)

We’re trusted across the globe for our wide-ranging expertise in media regulation. See our datasheets for more information on our services’ geographical coverage, including the full list of countries, organisations, and topics we report on.

latest intelligence

Digital Services Act: Council adopts negotiating position
26 November 21 Michele Ledger

The Council agreed on its negotiating position on the proposal for a Digital Services Act. Once the European Parliament adopts its position, the trilogue negotations between both institutions and in the presence of the European Commission will start.

European Commission proposes harmonised rules on political advertising
26 November 21 Olha Hruba

The proposed regulation lays down harmonised EU rules on transparency of political advertising online and offline and on the use of targeting and content amplification techniques.

European Parliament calls for legal action against abusive lawsuits targeting journalists and other rights defenders
12 November 21 Olha Hruba

MEPs propose a series of legislative and non-legislative measures to counteract the threat that strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) pose to journalists, NGOs and civil society in Europe. SLAPPs are lawsuits lodged against such people to prevent them from informing the public and reporting on matters of public interest.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies in European Parliament
09 November 21 Laura Sboarina

Frances Haugen’s testimony was organised to feed Parliament's debate on the Commission’s proposed Digital Services Act.

Digital Services Act: European Parliament lead committee postpones vote
28 October 21 Laura Sboarina

This flash summarises the views of the shadow rapporteurs on the most contentious amendments proposed by the rapporteur: opt-in for targeted advertising, stricter conditions for the liability exemption of marketplaces and the lifting of the exemption for small and micro online platforms.

Foreign media ownership restrictions across 12 countries
26 October 21 Jerome Dheur

New benchmark on non-European Union/European Economic Area ownership restrictions of national media companies.

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