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Understand, track and monitor the changing face of audiovisual media regulation with Cullen International. Derived from trusted sources, our expert analysis and benchmarks help organisations across Europe and the Americas stay informed on the latest developments and act with confidence in a fast-moving environment.

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general topics covered

Audiovisual platforms

The rise of OTT platforms and services like YouTube and Netflix has created a host of new challenges for media regulators, government and industry. We help you stay informed on the latest developments, understand the context of different national and international reforms, and grasp their implications.

  • The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • Video sharing platforms
  • Online subscription services
  • Pay TV platforms
Public policy objectives

Get a global perspective on how public policy objectives are translated into regulation with our independent Media intelligence service. Understand the agenda, track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate change. Topics covered include:

  • Media pluralism
  • Media literacy
  • Protecting minors
  • Must carry and findability
  • Public service broadcasting
  • Quotas
  • Impartiality
  • Subtitling, audio description, sign language
Funding the creative industries

A more diverse media landscape is driving new and more complex forms of funding and investment. We provide expert intelligence and insight on the regulatory opportunities, risk factors and barriers to growth for the content and communications industries and policy makers in the 21st century, covering topics such as:

  • Special taxes
  • Advertising, sponsorship, product placement
  • Copyright
Media distribution

Get access to structured information on rules on content acquisition and media distribution in different territories, as well as unbiased intelligence on the competition issues arising from premium content and exclusivity arrangements. Topics covered include:

  • Premium content
  • Sports rights
  • Media chronology

geographical coverage

Americas (Data sheet)
Europe (Data sheet)

We’re trusted across the globe for our wide-ranging expertise in media regulation. See our datasheets for more information on our services’ geographical coverage, including the full list of countries, organisations, and topics we report on.

latest intelligence

Top EU court rules that posting a photo on another website requires new copyright authorisation
09 August 18 Michele Ledger

The EU's top court ruled that the posting of copyright protected content previously published on another website with the permission of the copyright holder requires a new authorisation.

Study for European Parliament on fake news and the role of technology
02 August 18 Michele Ledger

The European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee has published a study on the role of technology in the spreading of fake news, which also contains some policy recommendations.

Online platforms publish a draft EU code of conduct on online disinformation (fake news)
19 July 18 Olha Hruba

A multi-stakeholder forum consisting of online platforms, leading social networks, advertisers and the advertising industry presented the first draft EU Code of Practice on Disinformation and annex with existing best practices from signatories of the code. The draft was published on 17 July 2018 and the final version is expected at the end of September 2018.

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes to relax children's programming quotas
16 July 18 Laura Sboarina

The US regulator FCC is consulting on a proposal to relax children's TV programming quotas for (commercial and public) over-the-air TV licensees.

Content Portability Regulation: European Commission warns regulators of inappropriate practices by service providers
13 July 18 Jerome Dheur

Two months after its entry into force (1 April 2018), the Commission sent a letter to national regulators to draw their attention on some practices by European service providers which could be contrary to the regulation, and deprive consumers from the benefits of content portability.

European Parliament and the Council move on adoption of compromise agreement to update AVMS Directive
11 July 18 Laura Sboarina

The European Parliament lead committee and the Council deputy permanent representatives approved the informal agreement on the new Audiovisual Media Service Directive. The directive is expected to enter into force in November 2018, after which member states will have 21 months (until August 2020, if it enters into force in November 2018) to transpose it into their national legislations.

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