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Understand, track and monitor the changing face of media regulation with Cullen International. Derived from trusted sources, our expert analysis and benchmarks help organisations across Europe and the Americas stay informed on the latest developments and act with confidence in a fast-moving environment.

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general topics covered

(Social) media platforms

The rise of platforms and services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and Facebook has created a host of new challenges for regulators, government and industry. We help you stay informed on the latest developments, understand the context of different national and international reforms, and grasp their implications.

  • The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • Video sharing platforms
  • Pay TV platforms
  • Social media platforms
  • Music streaming websites
Public policy objectives

Get a global perspective on how public policy objectives are translated into regulation with our independent Media intelligence service. Understand the agenda, track and compare different national regimes, and anticipate change. Topics covered include:

  • Media pluralism
  • Fake news
  • Media literacy
  • Protecting minors
  • Must carry and findability
  • Public service broadcasting
  • Quotas
  • Impartiality
  • Subtitling, audio description, sign language
Funding the creative industries

A more diverse media landscape is driving new and more complex forms of funding and investment. We provide expert intelligence and insight on the regulatory opportunities, risk factors and barriers to growth for the content and communications industries and policy makers in the 21st century, covering topics such as:

  • Special taxes
  • Advertising, sponsorship, product placement
  • Copyright
Media distribution

Get access to structured information on rules on content acquisition and media distribution in different territories, as well as unbiased intelligence on the competition issues arising from premium content and exclusivity arrangements. Topics covered include:

  • Premium content
  • Sports rights
  • Media chronology

geographical coverage

Americas (Data sheet)
Europe (Data sheet)

We’re trusted across the globe for our wide-ranging expertise in media regulation. See our datasheets for more information on our services’ geographical coverage, including the full list of countries, organisations, and topics we report on.

latest intelligence

Fifth stakeholder meeting on application of the new EU copyright rules: no united vision on “best efforts”
20 January 20 Olha Hruba

Rights holders want “best efforts” to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Platforms want requirements on “best efforts” to be proportionate and reasonable, considering the main purpose of the platform. There is no common view on what should constitute “necessary and relevant information” that rights holders must provide to platforms to avoid unauthorised content on their platforms.

Argentinian telecoms and media authorities´ new structure
20 January 20 Carolina Limbatto

Argentina´s new government changed the structure of telecom and media policy makers but maintained Enacom as regulator of these two sectors. The government created a new public innovation secretariat under the President’s chief of cabinet office that is responsible for innovation, ICT, telecoms and media policy.

Green Deal: European Parliament proposes specific goals for the digital sector
16 January 20 Martin Schraa

The European Parliament wants to set a higher target for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, calling for specific measures to implement the European Green Deal in the digital sector. The Parliament plenary adopted a (non-binding) resolution on 15 January 2020.

US regulator FCC implements court order which voided recent revision of local media ownership rules
15 January 20 Laura Sboarina

Restrictions on local cross-media ownership (TV and radio and TV and newspapers) and the prohibition to own two local stations in markets with fewer than 8 independently owned TV stations are now back into force.

Colombian regulator adopts regulatory agenda for 2020-2021
08 January 20 Carlos Castellanos

The Colombian Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) adopted its regulatory agenda for 2020 to 2021. CRC plans to simplify the regulatory framework, promote competition and investment in ICT markets and assess the regulatory conditions necessary to foster 5G adoption.

MTC proposes to postpone transition to DTT
20 December 19 Alexandra Contreras Flores

The Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) proposed to postpone digital switchover by at least two years, starting in 2022 and ending in 2028. MTC raised concerns that the country might not be prepared for analogue switch-off due to the insufficient knowledge about DTT and the delays and problems caused by the emergency situations in the last two years.

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