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Governments around the world are taking urgent action to address climate change. In the EU, this includes a raft of policies designed to improve environmental efficiency and establish a circular economy.

For companies in the ICT sector, environmental regulation has complex implications. It pressures them to improve their own performance, while creating opportunities for them to deploy digital solutions to help organisations in other sectors work in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Our sustainability service deciphers the complexity of environmental regulation and makes it easy to understand how interrelated EU policies affect your organisation. Start your personal demo today and find out what our independent, expert insight could do for you.

general topics covered

EU environmental policy

Stay up to date on EU environmental policies. Our sustainability service provides clarity, insight and commentary on the key aspects of the European Green Deal, including the Fit for 55 package and Circular Economy Action Plan. Topics covered include:

  • European Climate Law
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency policy
  • Corporate sustainability reporting
  • Waste and recycling
The impact on the ICT sector

Many aspects of environmental policy have a direct or indirect impact on the ICT sector. Our sustainability service explores the rules and their implications for ICT companies, covering topics such as:

  • Environmental impacts of digitisation and innovation
  • Actions taken by ICT sector regulators
  • Rules and best practices for data centres
  • Transparency and reporting rules
Government and industry initiatives

Keep track of government and industry plans and targets, and understand the context behind them. We provide coverage on the steps taken by governments, regulators and ICT companies to improve sustainability. Topics covered include:

  • National environmental targets
  • Company environmental targets
  • Initiatives to improve environmental performance
The bigger picture

Climate change is a global issue. Our independent reporting and analysis covers major environmental developments on the world stage, including:

  • IPCC assessments and reports
  • COP meetings and their outcomes
  • Major policy shifts from key players

latest intelligence

What will happen to unfinished legislative files after the European Parliament elections?
05 May 24 Marianna Mattera

With the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections, Cullen International looked at the state of play of selected legislative files that were not adopted by the EU co-legislators within the 2019–2024 parliamentary term. Most files will be carried over into the next EP term. It will be up to the newly elected EP to decide how to proceed with files such as the draft regulation on new procedural rules for GDPR enforcement and the draft AI Liability Directive.

Explainer: scope 3 emissions
22 April 24 Bianca Sofian

Explanatory note on scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions

ECHR finds against Switzerland in climate case, setting out important criteria for future cases
10 April 24 Peter Dunn

The European Court of Human Rights found that Switzerland failed to comply with its duties under the European Convention on Human Rights in relation to the steps taken to mitigate the effects of climate change. In particular, by failing to put in place appropriate and timely measures to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions, the Swiss government had failed to meet its obligation under the convention to respect private and family life.

Explainer: electric car battery technologies
08 April 24 Peter Dunn

Explanatory note on electric car battery technologies

More efforts needed for EU to reach 55% emissions reduction by 2030
04 April 24 Bianca Sofian

The European Commission published its 8th environment action programme mid-term review, which highlighted the EU’s progress towards the environment and climate goals to 2030.

European Environment Agency calls for stronger EU policy action to manage climate risks
03 April 24 Peter Dunn

The European Environment Agency called for stronger EU policy action across five clusters of interrelated climate risks. EU policy should be stronger in terms of its ambition, scope and implementation, with better cooperation between the EU and member states.

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