Latest update on telecoms regulation from the Middle East and North Africa 27 May 24 Muatasem Khairaddeen

Telecoms regulators in the MENA region set out new rules to protect consumers while commercial developments in the sector included the formation of one of the largest tower companies in the region.

Cullen Internationals' MENA Telecoms Update details the most significant regulatory developments taking place in the region between 15 February and 15 May 2024.

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and STC joined forces to create one of the largest tower companies in the region, merging two existing tower companies, TAWAL and Golden Lattice.

Bahrain set out requirements for switching fixed broadband provider, including the prohibition of direct marketing to win back subscribers and measures to protect against slamming. 

Kuwait set out rules for retail tariff approval and advertisement, while also limiting the number of new tariffs that a service provider can submit to three each year.   Morocco reduced the time for number portability from two days to one day.

The Turkish regulator approved a new reference offer for Turk Telekom, which introduced fibre (FTTx) wholesale services.

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