Countries in the Americas are working towards the transparency and explainability of AI-based decisions 18 April 24 Carolina Limbatto

Nearly all major countries in the Americas are discussing or have already approved rules on the transparency and explainability of decisions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The Argentinian DPA approved specific guidelines to promote transparency in AI developments. 

In Brazil, data subjects can request information about the criteria used for automated decisions that affect their interests, for example, using professional and consumer profiling.

Canada is discussing specific transparency provisions for AI and also updated guidelines on automated decision-making by public sector bodies. 

In the USA, AI transparency is regulated at the state level. However, the October 2023 executive order that targeted risks related to AI required companies to share data on how high-risk AI models are trained. The order also included requirements for companies to meet safety standards to be developed by federal agencies.

In addition, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru signed the OECD's non-binding guidelines on the development and use of AI.

The latest update of Cullen International’s benchmark on AI reveals whether governments published or proposed specific strategies to foster the adoption of AI-based services. In addition, the benchmark includes information about specific rules on tax benefits, privacy and copyright related to AI services and technology.

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