[Cullen Explainer] Capital and purchased goods amount to most scope 3 emissions of telecoms operators 25 April 24 Bianca Sofian

Scope 3 GHG emissions are the largest source of emissions for most companies. On average, scope 3 emissions make up nearly 90% of the total emissions of telecoms operators.

In 2022, telecoms operators reported most scope 3 emissions under the first two categories (out of the 15 listed) under the GHG Protocol: upstream purchased goods and services, and capital goods (items used to produce other goods). Telecoms operators tend not to report on downstream emissions from transport and distribution, the processing of sold products, the operation of franchises or from investments. Some telecoms operators do not as yet report at all on their scope 3 emissions. 

Emissions from waste generated in operations and the end-of-life treatment of sold products were usually insignificant when compared with scope 3 emissions from other categories.

Our latest Explainer looks into scope 3 emissions, focusing on the reporting practices of telecoms operators.

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