[INFOGRAPHIC] Cullen cheat sheet: How do positions of EU institutions on the AI Act differ? 12 September 23 Elisar Bashir

The Artificial Intelligence Act will be the European Union’s AI rulebook and could be adopted by the end of this year.

Currently, the European Parliament and the Council are trying to agree on the final version of the act.

While awaiting the outcome of these negotiations, our new cheat sheet provides a snapshot of the key differences and shared positions between the three European institutions.

For a more in-depth comparison, our online Legislation Navigator tool allows to compare the different texts word by word/paragraph by paragraph.

For further details on the future AI regulation in the EU, download our Cheat Sheet for free and/or request a test access to our Legislation Navigator below!

Download cheat sheet

Clients of our European Digital Economy service, can also access the Cheat Sheet directly on our client portal via "Access the full content" below.

**UPDATE December 2023:**
The European Parliament and the Council reached on 8 December 2023 a political deal on the final version of the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). Download our latest Cheat Sheet with a summary of the highlights in the provisional agreement!



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