DSA: overview of designation of likely Digital Service Coordinators in 27 member states 27 July 23 Michele Ledger

A new benchmark has been published by Cullen International showing which Digital Service Coordinators (DSCs) are likely to be designated by the member states to enforce the Digital Services Act (DSA).

A snapshot of the situation in the 27 member states

According to data circulated by some regulators, 12 member states have designated (or are likely to) designate the telecoms regulator as DSC.

In six other countries, the convergent (media/telecoms) regulator is (likely to be) designated, and in four others, it is (or likely to be) the media regulator.

Three countries will probably appoint the competition and/or consumer protection authority as DSC.

The benchmark provides more detailed information in 14 member states on the designation process, the other competent authorities that could be designated as well as the budget that could be allocated to the DSC for this new oversight function.

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