Telecoms industry players take significant but differing steps towards achieving sustainability 11 May 23 Michael van Maris van Dijk

Cullen International’s new sustainability benchmark shows that major telecoms operators and manufacturers are taking significant steps to introduce sustainable practices within their own operations as well as along their supply chain. As governmental approaches to the climate crisis gather steam globally, our benchmark shows that the telecoms industry is also taking a lead.

Of the studied telecoms operators, BT, Deutsche Telekom and Telia reported that 100% of the electricity they use within their own operations already comes from renewable sources. All studied operators reported taking measures on energy efficiency, within data centres and in other aspects of their operations.

Manufacturers similarly engaged in a range of sustainable practices. All studied companies have adopted some level of circular economy principles in their manufacturing processes. Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and Samsung are engaged in take-back programs, where they receive old equipment in order to recycle or reuse it. Nokia is aiming to move toward 100% ecological packaging by 2024, while Samsung is targeting zero waste certification in its manufacturing in the near future.

Cullen International’s new benchmark covers the sustainable practices of 12 telecoms operators and manufacturers. The Sustainability service provides coverage of the targets and progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the ICT sector, other sustainability practices and rules impacting the ICT sector, and the EU’s environmental legislation.

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