Market access requirements for video-sharing platforms in Europe 12 July 22 Jerome Dheur

Cullen International has just published a new benchmark showing which European countries impose a notification or registration requirement on video-sharing platforms (VSPs), and where applicable the procedure, the authority in charge and whether supervision fees must be paid.

The EU legislative framework does not foresee notification or authorisation requirements for VSPs. Member states are therefore free to decide whether to require that VSPs established on their territories should notify the start of their activity as a VSP, or to register the service in a registry of providers. However, they are not allowed to introduce a licensing or prior authorisation system. Similarly, EU legislation does not foresee that VSPs need to pay an administrative fee to the regulator in charge. 

The research shows that notification or registration requirements exist (or are proposed) in nine countries out of the 14 surveyed. In these countries, the procedure in place usually requires VSPs to notify or register their activity before they start operations and to supply information details, such as contact details, companies' statutes and ownership, type of services offered, etc. 

It also shows that VSPs only need to pay a supervision fee in two countries (Italy and the UK).

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