Latest policy developments in the LATAM telecoms sector 30 September 21 Javier Morales Fhon

Cullen International’s latest LATAM Telecoms Update highlights policy developments affecting the regulation of radio spectrum, wholesale networks and consumer protection in five major LATAM markets.. 

Argentina consulted on updating its spectrum licensing regulation, while Mexico consulted on the spectrum needs of intelligent transport systems in the 5.9 GHz band. Peru implemented regulations in the 470–698 MHz band for TVWS, and a new procedure to grant spectrum concessions. Colombia regulated the conditions for approving the transfer of spectrum licences, while Brazil approved the final schedule and rules for its 5G auction on 24 November 2021.  

The Peruvian Ministry terminated the contract for the Peruvian national fibre backbone network, while in Mexico Altan Redes began bankruptcy protection proceedings. América Móvil formally disclosed to the Mexican stock market that it would propose the spin-off of its tower division into a separate, publicly traded business. 

Argentina authorised a new 5% price increase for telecommunications services and established a price cap for prepaid mobile services, while Colombia issued guidelines on the notification of tariff plans. The Peruvian telecoms regulator approved a technical rule to implement an automated measurement system that verifies the quality of fixed and mobile internet access. It also modified its quality-of-service regulation to update the minimum internet access speed threshold to the 70% now guaranteed by law. 

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