How have governments and major digital platforms reacted to the European Commission’s plans to regulate gatekeeper platforms? 23 October 20 Javier Huerta Bravo

Our latest report analyses reactions from national governments, BEREC and major digital platforms to the European Commission’s plans to regulate digital platforms, as part of its Digital Services Act. It focuses on how stakeholders would define gatekeeper platforms, what remedies could be imposed and what enforcement mechanism should be implemented.

The research shows that:

  • Some EU countries and BEREC were already supportive of the idea of an ex ante instrument, while others were waiting for the Commission to present evidence that would justify regulatory intervention.
  • The supportive countries and BEREC favoured general obligations and prohibitions applicable to all gatekeeper platforms combined with the possibility of imposing additional, tailored obligations and prohibitions on specific platforms case by case.

On the industry side, the research shows that some digital platforms also supported an ex ante instrument for gatekeeper platforms, while diverging very much on its design.

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