European Commission expert group suggests ethical principles for connected and automated vehicles 08 October 20

The European Commission recently published a report by an independent group of experts on the Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs). The report proposes guiding ethical principles and provides 20 recommendations in the field of road safety, ethics for data and algorithms, and the identification of responsibilities.

The recommendations aim to support the work of stakeholders engaged in the design, development and regulation of CAVs, enabling the safe deployment of connected and automated mobility.

Cullen International’s report summarises the expert group’s recommendations on CAVs related to:

  • road safety, risk distribution and dilemmas in crash avoidance;
  • privacy, fairness in data collection/processing and the explainability of artificial intelligence (A.I.); and
  • several types of forward-looking and backward-looking responsibility

To access the full report, please click on “Access the full content” to view the report - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our European Digital Economy service.

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