Regulators continue to focus on end user protection for postal and delivery services 04 August 20

Regulators at EU and national level continue to press for improved protection for consumers and businesses using postal and delivery services, in particular to consider adding new sector-specific rules in the forthcoming review of the Postal Services Directive.

This pressure continues despite the sector already being subject to specific quality standards, in particular on transit times, rules on the delivery of goods ordered online, and regulated procedures for addressing end user complaints. Moreover, European statistics show that consumer complaints about postal services are significantly lower than those for internet services and for fixed or mobile communications, and far below those for other industry sectors, such as financial or transport services.

Cullen International’s Postal service continually tracks and compares the measures taken by regulators to ensure the protection of end users of postal and delivery services. Our benchmark shows how end user complaints are handled and the escalation procedures that are available. We also track the rules applying to the delivery of goods ordered online, as well as the quality of service standards that postal operators are required to meet. In some European countries, including in Portugal and Italy, end user protection measures also apply to post office counter services, such as opening hours and waiting times.

To access our benchmark on end user complaints, please click on “Access the full content” or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Postal service.

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