[INFOGRAPHIC] New AVMS Directive: European Commission guidelines on promotion of EU works 25 August 20

Commission non-binding guidelines of 2 July 2020 propose to calculate 30% quotas on VOD services by title, whereby one title would equal 1 film or 1 season of a series, but regulators would be able to give a higher weighting to series with high production costs.

The Commission also advises member states to exempt from quotas and cross-border financial contributions (that member states may decide to impose) VOD services providers with an annual turnover below 2m and with an audience of active users of less than 1% of total users of similar VOD services.

Member states may adjust these thresholds to take into account the size of their market or the type of cross-border financial contribution they decide to impose (i.e. levies or direct investments).

This new Cullen International cheat sheet summarises the European Commission guidelines included in the new AVMS Directive regarding the promotion of EU works.

Download the infographic

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