Postal and delivery operators face a broadening scope of regulatory intervention 08 July 20

The scope of regulatory intervention for players in the postal market is growing wider, and this broadening scope could critically shape the future regulatory framework for the postal sector.

Horizontal regulations are becoming increasingly relevant and important to the postal sector. Cullen International tracks a number of these rules, including consumer protection rules (for example, affecting e-commerce ordering and delivery), and environmental regulations (which could increasingly affect decisions on delivery transportation).

Our benchmark on Environmental measures summarises specific targets and initiatives taken by postal operators to reduce their impact on the environment, including comparisons of total carbon emissions and carbon intensity levels.

At the same time, the current review of the European postal regulatory framework could redefine the relevant markets and players affected. Stakeholders have strongly different views on whether the revised framework should also include new sector-specific rules (e.g. consumer protection rules specifically applying to delivery operators) or new rules to encourage more intense competition.

Cullen International’s Postal service continually tracks developments in the process of the framework review, while our Legislation Navigator will provide clients with an easy comparison of the different Commission, Parliament and Council texts.

To access the summary of our benchmark on Environmental measures in the postal sector, please click on “Access the full content” or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Postal service.


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