Cross-border financial obligations of video-on-demand providers - Situation in 30 European countries 04 June 20

Cullen International has just published a new benchmark on cross-border financial obligations of video-on-demand (VOD) providers in 30 European countries.

The new Audiovisual Media Service (AVMS) Directive, which needs to be implemented by the member states by September 2020, allows member states to require financial contributions from national audiovisual media services (direct investments into content creation or contributions to national funds to sustain audiovisual production) provided certain conditions are met.

The analysis shows that obligations are already in place in five countries (BE/FL, FR, DE, IT, PL) while six other countries could probably introduce obligations as a result of the transposition.

Thirteen countries have indicated either publicly or to Cullen International that such obligations would most probably not be introduced. However the situation could change as some of these countries are at an early stage of transposition.

In the seven remaining countries, information is either not available or the situation is undecided at this stage.

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