New AVMS Directive transposition – health emergency might prevent transposition into French law on time 23 April 20

EU member states need to transpose the new Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive by 19 September 2020.

Cullen International has just published two new benchmarks that track the progress in the transposition of the directive across 14 European countries.

Parliaments in two countries have started to debate draft laws, while in five other countries the discussions will probably start in parliament before the summer 2020.

The health emergency in the EU might cause delays:

  • In France, the debate was put on hold to focus action on measures to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. This could prevent the transposition of the directive into French law on time;
  • In the UK, draft legislation (where needed) is scheduled to be introduced in parliament this summer, but a delay is possible because of the outbreak;
  • In Italy, all legislative activities not related to the pandemic have also been put on hold. The parliament debate on the so-called draft EU Mandate Law, which gives to government the power to adopt a decree setting a new Digital Media Services Code, has not progressed further. No further information was disclosed regarding the preparation of the legislative decree.

The latest developments that occurred since the last report include the publication of the German government draft to amend the Telemedia Act and other laws under federal competence, which are expected to be sent to parliament in early summer 2020.

The report also covers the most interesting proposals under discussions.

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