New progress report on the transposition of the AVMS Directive across 11 EU member states 20 September 19

EU member states need to transpose the new Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive by 19 September 2020.

From information gathered on the expected calendar of adoption, some countries may be unlikely to meet this deadline

The latest developments that occurred since the last report include the closing of a set of public consultations in Germany and the launch of an additional consultation in the UK on how to implement the new rules for video-sharing platforms. The Irish government published an analysis of the results of its recent public consultation and the results of an inquiry by an advisory committee were also published in Sweden.

The report provides new insights on the most interesting issues addressed by ministries in their preparation of draft laws including discussions in France on whether to impose investment obligations on VOD service providers (including those that target French audiences from other member states) in line with obligations that currently apply to TV channels. 

An update of this report will be published in October with three additional countries (Belgium, Denmark and Norway).

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