New benchmark on upcoming and ongoing spectrum awards in the Americas 14 August 19

The last World Radiocommunication Conference was held in 2015 (WRC-15) and identified additional spectrum bands for international mobile telecommunications (IMT) at global and regional level, including 600 MHz and 3.3–3.7GHz spectrum. The next WRC is scheduled in November 2019, and agenda item 1.13 includes several high bands to be discussed for IMT identification.

Several countries in the Americas proposed specific spectrum awards during 2019. Most Latin American countries are awarding low and mid spectrum bands while Canada and the United States are also considering high bands for 5G. Colombia is quickly moving forward to award the highly valued 700 MHz band.

Canada, Chile and Brazil are consulting on 3.5 GHz spectrum, and this band is seen as the main mid band for 5G deployment in the region. The United States is leading spectrum awards in high bands and scheduled its third millimetre wave spectrum to assign up to 3.4 GHz in upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz. The preferred award type in the Americas is the auction procedure, except Chile that proposed beauty contests for upcoming spectrum awards.

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