New benchmark on co-regulatory systems for the protection of minors in Europe 02 May 19

Co-regulation implies shared responsibility between the regulator and industry stakeholders. While the state is not present in self-regulation, in co-regulation the state gives the mandate to co-regulate in a specific area and/or ensures the enforcement of the co-regulatory system through back-stop powers.

In particular, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) encourages EU members states use co-regulation for the protection of minors (e.g. regarding media service providers’ obligation to adequately inform viewers about content that may be harmful to minors) and advertising (e.g. to reduce children’s exposure to advertising for junk food and alcoholic beverages).

Cullen International’s latest research shows that eight out of the eleven member states surveyed have co-regulatory systems in place, which cover areas such as: content classification/labelling/watershed, advertising, access control technology, and promotion of a healthy diet and physical activity.

FinlandGermany and the Netherlands have optimal co-regulatory systems in place for the protection of minors in both linear television and on demand services. 

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