Webinar: Net neutrality: State of play in Europe 05 December 18 Philippe Defraigne & Visiola Pula

Understand the state of play for net neutrality rules in Europe by participating in Cullen International’s webinar. Our one-hour free webinar comes ahead of BEREC’s forthcoming opinion on the evaluation of the net neutrality regulation and guidelines, and will enable you to understand:

  • the common EU rules to ensure the openness of the internet as laid down in the TSM Regulation;
  • what ISPs must do to comply with net neutrality rules in the European context and what is prohibited under these rules;
  • the criteria used for assessing zero rating practices, including the scale of the practice and its effects on end user rights; and
  • the measures that NRAs can take to protect end users and guarantee the functioning of the open internet.

On 30 April 2019, the European Commission will submit a report to the European Parliament and the Council reviewing the Telecom Single Market (TSM) Regulation, in particular its net neutrality provisions.

BEREC will provide an opinion to the Commission, evaluating NRAs’ experience in implementing the TSM regulation and the related BEREC guidelines.



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