Data sharing and re-use - Event summary and briefing from the BITS Seminar 10 October 18

Data is not the new oil, but an infrastructural resource with large spill-over effects (OECD). If data is the new infrastructure for innovation, the data re-use and data sharing are key for stimulating innovation. 

At the same time, incentives to investment in collecting and processing data must be protected.

The purpose of this BITS Seminar held on 3 October was:

  • to create a better understanding of the contribution of data sharing to greater economic and social welfare
  • based on sectoral case studies, to contribute to the development of a typology of data, based on criteria such as public interest, replicability, (non-)personal data, network effects, whether data is a by-product, etc; and
  • to discuss the possible need (or absence of) for policy action to stimulate data sharing and re-use.


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