New research on telecommunications and broadband policies in the MENA region 08 August 18

Cullen International’s latest MENA Telecoms Profiles track and monitor the government policies and market situation for the telecoms sector, including for broadband, 5G and other recent regulatory developments.

The regulatory frameworks and the telecoms markets in the MENA region are diverse.

  • In Bahrain, the TRA regulates the sector in accordance with the national telecoms plans, while in Saudi Arabia and UAE, regulators implement wider national policies (the Saudi Vision 2030 and the UAE vision 2021). Nearly all MENA countries have some form of competition and consumer protection framework, although the precise form and type of responsible authority vary considerably between countries
  • Broadband in the region varies considerably, both in terms of network coverage and penetration. In particular, high income countries tend to have more ambitious coverage targets and better penetration levels. Lower income countries tend to rely on mobile coverage for broadband.

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