New infographic on proposed EU e-Privacy Regulation 05 July 17

Cullen International has published an infographic on the state of play of negotiations on the adoption of new e-Privacy rules in the EU.

The European Commission adopted on January 10, 2017 a legislative proposal for an e-Privacy Regulation (ePR). The ePR would replace the current e-Privacy Directive (ePD) and complement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with specific rules applicable to the electronic communications sector.

The proposed ePR contains rules regarding:

  • the protection of the confidentiality of electronic communications; and 
  • the protection of devices (e.g. against tracking).


The European Commission is aiming for the ePR to be adopted and enter into application from May 25, 2018 at the same time as the GDPR.

This infographic provides an overview of the positions taken by some of the key institutional players involved in the legislative process that will lead to the adoption of the ePR.

Download the infographic

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