Six European countries already have a target date for copper decommissioning 08 March 24 Alessandro Mauro

With end users migrating to fibre, maintaining the old copper network becomes less economically viable. Several incumbent operators in Europe have plans to decommission their legacy copper network in areas where fibre coverage is complete. Six of those set a target date for complete decommissioning of their legacy copper network.

Cullen International’s benchmark analyses the decommissioning plans presented across Europe.

UK and Norway target the year 2025 for complete decommissioning. In Spain the deadline is 2026, but the decommissioning process will be almost completed by 2025. Sweden 2026, France and Luxembourg 2030. Denmark may approve the year 2030 as the final decommissioning date.

Belgium, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovakia presented plans but without setting a deadline.

In Croatia, the incumbent is waiting for the NRA's approval of its plan.

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