Digital Services Act (DSA) implementation: certification process for trusted flaggers in 13 countries 23 February 24 Jérôme Dheur

Cullen International has just published a new benchmark showing in thirteen selected countries if there is information on the certification process of trusted flaggers under the DSA, for example, if Digital Services Coordinators (DSCs) have started the certification process or if a deadline is foreseen. It also shows who the certified trusted flaggers are likely to be (where information is available).

 Article 22 of the DSA provides that online platforms must put in place a flagging system which gives priority to the notices they receive from entities that have been awarded the status of trusted flaggers. It also states that the status of trusted flagger must be awarded, upon application by any entity, by the DSC of the member state in which the applicant is established, to an applicant that has demonstrated that it meets some conditions (such as expertise and independence).

The benchmark shows that two out of the thirteen countries surveyed have started a selection process of trusted flaggers. Although not yet formerly appointed as DSC, the French media regulator (Arcom) has created a dedicated page on its website which contains the conditions to become a trusted flagger and how to apply. 

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