New report on European rules for contract duration and termination 10 January 24 Teresa Felix

Cullen International’s new Consumer Protection (in Telecoms) report outlines the rules on contract duration and termination under the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC). It also provides an overview of how 15 European countries implemented these provisions.

Article 105 of the EECC sets out rules to help end users terminate their contract or change service provider.

One of the most common contractual terms that hinders contract termination is the requirement for a commitment period during which the end user cannot terminate the contract without paying a penalty to the provider.

All countries follow the EECC provisions, prohibiting providers from imposing a commitment period of more than 24 months. Denmark is the only country studied where the maximum duration of the commitment period is shorter, only six months.

The rules on penalties for contract termination during the commitment period are not harmonised across countries. Only half established rules on the maximum penalty for early termination of the contract.

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