Dynamic blocking injunctions to fight against online piracy – Overview in 13 European countries 04 December 23 Jérôme Dheur

Cullen International has just published a new benchmark showing in thirteen selected countries if there are specific procedures (beyond court decisions) on dynamic blocking injunctions and the type(s) of authority involved in the process.

Dynamic blocking injunctions are used to put an end to repeated online piracy infringements (that often occur immediately after issuing an injunction), and therefore enhance the effectiveness of the measures to fight online piracy. They allow new internet locations to be covered without the need for a new procedure to obtain another injunction.

The benchmark shows that in nine out of the thirteen countries surveyed, dynamic injunctions are used to fight online piracy. Belgium, France, Italy and Spain have special procedures in place where administrative authorities (and sometimes independent regulatory authorities) are involved.

According to a report of the EU Intellectual Property Office, piracy (for films and television content) is on the rise again since the end of 2020, after having slightly fallen during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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