Media Europe Podcast: generative AI and copyright 03 November 23 Laura Sboarina

Why are copyright owners, like photographers and newspaper publishers, taking legal action against AI companies? Is the landscape more favorable for rights holders under EU copyright law compared to US law? And can an AI-generated script for a TV series be eligible for copyright protection?

Join Cullen International's Principal Media Analyst Laura Sboarina in this podcast episode as she looks at the copyright implications of generative AI applications with Séverine Dusollier, professor at Science Po Paris. These AI apps, capable of writing articles, summarising books, and even generating images or songs in the style of a specific artist upon user prompts, are at the center of the discussion.

Elisar Bashir, Senior Digital Economy Analyst at Cullen International, sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding the draft EU AI Act, providing insights into the emerging regulatory landscape in EU.

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