Mobile number portability is widely implemented in the Americas, whereas fixed portability is not available in four of the eleven countries studied 25 May 23 Catalina Diazgranados

All the countries covered in Cullen International’s benchmark on number portability regimes have implemented mobile number portability. All surveyed countries use a centralised database managed by an independent database administrator with a direct routeing solution to manage the portability process.

Fixed number portability is available in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and the United States. Chile and Canada implemented a complete portability, meaning that a subscriber can port numbers between fixed and mobile networks.   

The Peruvian government launched a public contest to select a manager of the centralised number porting database for the period from April 2024 until April 2029.

In Colombia, the telecoms regulator, CRC, consulted on modifying the reasons for rejecting number porting when there is fraud identified in the process.

Cullen International’s benchmark provides an overview of the mobile and fixed number portability regimes and their implementation across the Americas.

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