Parcel locker networks increasingly popular but mainly proprietary. Access becoming a topic of interest? 06 July 22 Cathrine Grimseid

Postal and delivery operators in many countries are increasingly deploying parcel lockers and using other pick-up points (generically known as PUDOs, pick-up and drop-off points) to deliver parcels and packages.

PUDOs can offer greater convenience for recipients, as well as benefitting delivery companies by potentially reducing transport costs and the risk of failed deliveries. The use of PUDOs also arguably has environmental benefits if the number of delivery points and failed deliveries is reduced (and depending on how recipients travel to pick up their packages).

Cullen International’s recently updated benchmark on post office networks and parcel lockers includes information about the size of different parcel locker networks, their ownership, and access rules.

Most traditional postal service providers in Europe now offer parcel lockers, with alternative locker networks also available in many countries.

While some operators of parcel lockers allow access to their lockers for delivery by third-party operators, this is presently relatively uncommon. However, in Italy, Netherlands and the UK, postal regulators have been or are in the process of reviewing the availability of and access to parcel lockers.

Cullen International’s latest benchmark provides information about parcel locker networks owned by the universal service provider and by alternative providers, parcel shop networks and other retail locations where end users can pick up parcels.

The research also provides information related to post offices in different European countries. This includes the number of post offices owned by the incumbent operator and on average how many inhabitants that is served by a post office in the different countries.

To access the full benchmark, please click on “Access the full content” - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Postal service.


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