New benchmark on 5G networks, deployment and spectrum in the Middle East and North Africa 12 January 21 Ali Hayajneh & Muatasem Khairaddeen

Cullen International’s new benchmark on 5G in the Middle East and North Africa shows that six of the 13 studied countries have already launched commercial 5G networks.

The most used spectrum band to provide 5G is 3.5 GHz. The UAE also made spectrum available in the 26 GHz band for mobile operators, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar are consulting on making more spectrum available for 5G.

Turkey adopted a general 5G strategy for the country without specifying particular targets for 5G launch. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE formed national teams to facilitate the introduction and deployment of 5G in these countries.

Only Bahrain has so far conducted a quality of service audit on 5G networks.

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