Cullen International nominated for prestigious Belgian business award 07 December 21

Cullen International is grateful to be acknowledged by Trends/Tendances magazine as one of Belgium’s fastest-growing medium-sized companies for 2022. 

For the past 21 years, the editors of the leading Belgian financial and economic news magazine have selected companies in Belgium that have positively influenced the country’s economy for the prestigious annual ‘Trends Gazelles' awards.

The 'Trends Gazelles’ recognise economic contributions and act to inspire other companies. Companies do not apply for the award but are selected based on the level of their growth over five years in three key areas: added value, the number of employees, and cash-flow.

The best-performing companies are selected by region (Brussels/Flanders/Wallonia) and according to company size (small/medium/large). Cullen International has been selected in:

  • the top 2,000 companies in Belgium (out of 1.5m);
  • the top 225 companies in the Brussels region; and
  • the top 75 medium-sized companies in Brussels.

The winning companies will be selected at the beginning of 2022.

We are very grateful to our loyal clients and dedicated colleagues for making this happen - especially in such challenging times.

For more information on the award and associated events, please visit Trends Gazelles 2022.

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