Introducing: Sustainability intelligence 28 November 22

Countries and organisations around the world are taking action to reduce their impact on the environment and slow climate change. In the EU, this has taken the form of many different legislative and policy initiatives, including emissions targets, carbon taxes, the Circular Economy Action Plan and environmental reporting requirements for companies.

The implications of these policies are complex - not least for the communications sector.

The communications sector has an important opportunity - and a responsibility - to help other industries improve their environmental performance through digitalisation. However, it also faces pressure to address its own environmental footprint: adopting green technologies, embedding ecodesign and recycling into its standard practices, and encouraging its suppliers and customers to do the same.

To help organisations navigate the world of environmental regulation and understand its impact, we've launched a new subscription service: Sustainability.

The Sustainability service provides a range of resources to help subscribers make sense of the patchwork of different initiatives that make up EU environmental policy. It also offers insight into the actions taken by regulators and commercial organisations to monitor and manage the environmental impact of the communications sector.

Subscribers get access to:

  • Trackers on EU legislative and policy developments,
  • Benchmarks to compare national developments, targets and actions
  • News Flashes on new developments, and
  • Explainers on key environmental concepts

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