New Country Profile: Turkey has ambitious plans for 100% high speed broadband coverage 27 July 21 Céline Senay

Cullen International’s new Country Profile includes details of Turkey’s ambitious broadband plans which include 100% household coverage of 100 Mbps broadband connectivity by 2023. The national strategy plan also includes the transition to 5G services, and the promotion of innovative digital technologies, such as M2M and IoT applications.

Turkey’s main policy goals for the telecoms sector are set out in the telecommunications regulator BTK’s national strategy plan for 2019–2023 and in the national broadband strategy and action plan for 2017–2020 (Plan). 

In December 2017, the Plan highlighted that OTT services are expected to increase with the development of high-speed broadband infrastructures and therefore proposed actions to support domestic OTT providers.

The new Turkey Country Profile provides information on the:

  • regulatory and policy outlook;
  • competition framework;
  • consumer protection; and
  • an overview of market data.

Cullen International's complete set of MENA Telecoms Profiles provides in-depth coverage of the telecoms policies, regulatory frameworks and market data in 14 Middle East and North African countries.

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