Covid-19: Reopening plans and support measures for the audiovisual and cinema sectors 26 June 20

Cullen International has published a new benchmark on reopening plans across 13 member states focussing on the audiovisual and cinema sectors.

Filming can restart in most countries (as of July 2020) under specific safety measures, but restrictions on people gathering still apply in the Nordic countries. In 10 out of 13 countries measures have been taken to incentivise the restart of shooting, for instance by compensating producers from covid-19 risks not covered by insurance contracts (in France, Belgium Wallonia and in the Netherlands).

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In most countries where governments ordered cinemas to close, they are now allowed to reopen under safety measures. A threshold on the number of viewers allowed per indoor screening exist in 7 out of 13 countries. Other measures to ensure social distancing apply in the remaining countries.

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Football has already resumed in 8 out of 13 countries. In the UK an agreement was reached for a significant proportion of the remaining matches to be broadcast on free-to-air (to avoid gatherings in pubs as stadiums remain closed to the public). In France, rights holders agreed with the league on paying only for the games already played.

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