5 must-watch competition law cases - Bonus Case: Google’s Android Auto app risks an antitrust slap 23 May 19

Competition law applies horizontally in all sectors, in addition to sector-specific regulation. The rise of the digital economy is challenging traditional competition law approaches.

Cullen International’s Competition Law service combines unbiased alerts and reports with a structured database of more than 350 English language summaries of national and EU antitrust and merger control cases, organised by country, authority, theme and sector.

Over several weeks, we have shared summaries of five intriguing pending cases from our Competition Law database. Given that our fifth highlighted must-watch case was resolved shortly after we communicated on it, here is a bonus case!

Bonus Case: Google’s Android Auto app risks an antitrust slap

The Italian competition authority, AGCM, opened an investigation against Google for a possible abuse of dominance in the market for licensable smart mobile operating systems.

Google is allegedly refusing to integrate energy company Enel’s X Charge app in Android Auto, Google’s interface and interaction app between Android smartphones and cars. Enel’s app provides a location service to users of electric vehicles that competes with Google Maps.

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