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The changing face of competition in the communications sector represents both a risk and an opportunity to new and incumbent providers across the EU. Our intelligence service helps companies and public authorities stay informed on the latest developments in competition law, identify the commercial and policy implications, and act with efficiency and confidence.

Trusted by industry, regulators and national competition authorities, the service is a key independent resource on antitrust and merger control cases across Europe, both at national and EU-level. All our intelligence is presented without bias, and with a commitment to clarity and depth of expertise. To find out more, download our brochure.

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Offered on a subscription basis, our Competition Law service combines unbiased alerts and reports with an English-language database of national and EU-level case summaries organised by country, authority, theme and sector.

We make it simple to track and understand EU competition law in telecoms, media, the digital economy and postal sectors, without wasting time on translation and interpretation.
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general topics covered

Abuse of dominance

Stay informed on developments in abuse cases, covering offences such as excessive pricing, predatory pricing, margin squeeze, and tying and bundling.

Restrictive agreements and concerted practices

Get access to data on the actions taken across the EU to address potentially restrictive practices such as the sharing of networks, joint selling and online sales restrictions.

Merger control

Track merger control cases and understand the wider implications of market consolidation for competition in the EU.

10 competition law cases you should know about

Get a free sample of our Competition Law service with ten introductory summaries of some of the most intriguing recent national cases that you may not have been aware of. Topics covered include favouring as an abuse of dominance, antitrust aspects of network co-investment, and using competition law to negotiate prices.

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latest intelligence

National competition authorities want role in Digital Markets Act enforcement
27 June 21 Miklós Kozma

A paper endorsed by the heads of the EU’s 27 national competition authorities argues that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP) should be in charge of enforcing the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), while national competition authorities should also have a role to play. These authorities “have gathered unique experience in the digital economy and could therefore be an additional relay for the enforcement of the DMA, in order to ensure its full effectiveness and complementarity with competition enforcement”.

State aid – Spain extends high-speed broadband services with funds from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility
21 June 21 Marta Kajda

The European Commission approved under EU state aid rules a two-year extension of an existing Spanish scheme to support the deployment of 300 Mbps (symmetric) broadband internet access services that are upgradable to 1 Gbps. The additional €200m of state aid, bringing the total to €600m, will be made available from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.

UK competition authority launches market study into mobile ecosystems
20 June 21 Miklós Kozma

The market study, to be concluded within a year, will examine whether Apple and Google’s control over key gateways of their respective mobile ecosystems is stifling competition across a range of digital markets, focusing on potential sources of harm to consumers. As a first step, the authority is inviting comments from interested parties until 26 July 2021.

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