New research on initiatives to tackle illicit streaming devices in the Americas 25 June 18

Streaming boxes or sticks are digital media players which, connected to a home network, allow consumers to stream digital content, such as music, pictures and videos.

Whereas these devices are legally sold, they are sometimes sold with previously installed add-ons (software) to direct consumers to unlicensed audiovisual content, live or on demand.

Cullen International's latest research shows that a court has banned the import and sale of Roku in Mexico.

In Canada, an injunction was ordered against five companies dealing in “pre-loaded” android set-top boxes. In the US, a court ordered Kodi software add-ons to be removed from all present and future Tickbox devices (streaming box manufacturers).

To the contrary, Roku arrived on the Colombian and Chilean markets in October 2017 as a video streaming provider (subscription to channels) and as a device manufacturer.

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