Latest developments in MENA telecoms regulation 26 October 17

Cullen International's latest MENA Telecoms brief looks back at the main developments in the MENA region between August 13 and October 13, 2017.

In Saudi Arabia, CITC reclaimed the mobile spectrum from Atheeb and banned blocking VoIP OTT applications. The award of the third mobile licence in Oman was delayed while in Egypt LTE services were launched by the three MNOs and Telecom Egypt. ICTA, the Turkish regulator, allowed the incumbent to offer fixed wholesale promotions.

MNOs in UAE launched their services under 'Virgin Mobile' and 'Swyp' brands. Algeria adopted new rules on retail tariff approvals and notifications while in Qatar a new telecom complaints resolution process was adopted.


  • Algeria: ex ante approval of retail tariffs
  • Egypt: 4G services launched
  • Oman: Third mobile licence award delayed and Omantel-Zain deal closed
  • Qatar: CRA issued telecom complaints resolution processes
  • Saudi Arabia: CITC reclaimed Atheeb mobile spectrum, VoIP based apps no longer blocked and consumer protection provisions in the bylaw amended
  • Turkey: ICTA approves wholesale campaigns of Turk Telekom
  • UAE: MNOs offer their services using other brand names

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