Now also covering Panama as part of our Americas Telecoms service 16 May 17

Some high-level findings from our Country Profile summary section:

Mobile services

In the Americas, mobile infrastructure is generally more developed than fixed. Mobile service penetration exceeds 100% of the population in most countries. Use of wireless broadband is rapidly increasing. With almost 170 SIM cards per 100 inhabitants, Panama has the highest mobile penetration among the monitored countries.


Mobile network coverage and promotion of service quality are at the top of the agenda of most regulators. Regulators are increasingly committed across the region to making more spectrum available for new generation wireless services. More efficiency is sought in the use of spectrum and in easing antennas installations.

New challenges are also being addressed by policymakers in terms of increasing consumer protection. Several regulators in the region have developed new tools and apps allowing consumers monitor wireless service quality and data service speed in real time.

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