IoT regulation varies significantly across countries in the Americas 04 July 24 Pedro Miranda

The regulation of the internet of things (IoT) varies significantly across the countries in the Americas. Cullen International’s latest benchmark on IoT regulation shows that countries in the region have significantly different approaches towards regulating or incentivising IoT. Only two out of the eight researched countries have no initiatives related to IoT.

The updated benchmark includes coverage of national rules on the safety and cybersecurity of IoT consumer devices. Currently, only the US and Brazil have specific rules on the cybersecurity of IoT devices.

The US has a voluntary labelling programme for wireless IoT devices that allows manufacturers to put a "US cyber trust mark" label on devices that meet certain cybersecurity requirements. Brazil requires devices to follow security by design principles.

Brazil is also the only country in the region with a specific national strategy for IoT, which seeks to foster productivity and quality of life improvements through IoT solutions. The strategy established an IoT chamber responsible for proposing specific actions to foster IoT.

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