Update on national 5G security initiatives in Europe 20 July 22 Visiola Pula

Cullen International updated its benchmark summarising national initiatives addressing 5G cybersecurity in the 27 EU member states plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

These initiatives include new security requirements for 5G technologies, as well as specific actions taken by EU member states to transpose the key security measures recommended in the 5G risk management toolbox.

In particular, the benchmark asks whether European countries require mobile network operators (MNOs) to:

  • run their network operation centres (NOCs) and security operation centres (SOCs) on premise, inside the country or the EU; and
  • apply multi-vendor strategies to avoid dependencies on a single telecoms equipment vendor.

NOCs and SOCs perform the monitoring, management, and control of the network.

The benchmark shows that most European countries restrict or prohibit the use of high-risk vendors (HRVs) to build national 5G infrastructure.

Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Malta, and Slovenia are the only countries that have not yet adopted or proposed security measures for 5G networks.

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